“Having used ResiData I would not choose to go back to hand written records. The daily online / telephone support from Resisystems is excellent.”

Things to consider when looking for a CMS

There are now a veriety of CMS systems on offer, but deciding which one, especially if some staff are reluctant to use computers, can be an onerous task. Heres our take and a list of things to consider.

Web based systems.

The up side: Easily accessible from anywhere with internet. Updateable by the supplier.

The down side: The data you enter is not in your control. Data Protection determines that YOU are responsible for the data you hold but you have no control over where or how it is kept.  If your internet goes down, even for an hour, you have no access to your clients information!

Provided on Hardware

The up side: Neat solution, should work well as set up by the supplier.

The down side: More expensive especially if you already have hardware.  Not transportable or expandable without recourse to the supplier which inevitably means more cost.

Server/Local Installed Software

The normal solution. Allows you control of the hardware, roll out, back up and security. A good software vendor will support you either directly or via VPN.

Resisystem’s prides itself on early response and customer support.  We release fixes and upgrades to our clients immediately. Upgrading their systems automatically where we have remote access, ensuring you always have the latest version and any problems dealt with immediately. Version 10 of Residata, (planned release May/June 2011) will provide the best of both worlds allowing local deployment and data storage whilst providing a web based front end for internet log in and access via mobile and smart phone .

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