“I have used Residata for four years. The system used properly aids the user to access relevant client information promptly. It further emphasises the discipline to ensure client data is recorded accurately with the sequel of accountability.”

Horton Housing roll out ResiData

Since inception, Horton Housing Association has remained committed to the aim of ensuring the needs of those who find difficulty in accessing mainstream services are catered for. This commitment has seen the development of a range of innovative schemes as well as a number of research projects that have demonstrated the type and level of unmet needs that exist. Quality and diversity are key objectives in both service delivery and employment and the Association is proud of the professionalism and commitment of a staff team that has the skills and ability to deliver a range of high quality and culturally sensitive services that are appropriate to the needs of our client groups.

ResiData has provided us with a cross services client and scheme management system addressing Floating Support SP and Non SP schemes, Accommodation schemes, Community Care schemes (long term SP), Drop In and Emergency Homeless schemes. With full referral management, auto SP and LA submission and reporting, through to post scheme follow up.

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