“Whether you have a single home or a group/multi service HA, Residata provides a management solution. Centralised or dispersed, single server or multiple servers, with multi home/service data sets fully thin client tested.”

Your Questions, Answered.

Q: Will ResiData run in Windows 10

A: ResiData has been fully tested on Windows 10 and has no problems that we are aware of.

Q: Is the software record limited

A: The demo system is but a licensed copy has no record limits at all.

Q: Can I control who sees information

A: ResiData has a full user permissions module allowing you to structure different accesses for each user limiting them to only their group or team with only view access if required.

Q: My staff are not really computer literate is the system easy for them to use

A: With the above permissions structure a simple view can be given providing only the parts a user needs to see. ResiData’s phrase book and mouse control limit typing to a bare minimum giving new users a stepping stone of simple access to gain confidence at first which you can expand as they become more familiar.

Q: What support do you offer after sale

A:We pride ourselves on our support and responses to any problems clients may have. ResiData has an in built error reporting system via email that advises our support desk if you have a problem automatically. With VPN access we can sort any problems directly for you.  During the day to day running of the system,  support is available via our Help Desk when problems or queries arise. These would be logged and passed to a software support consultant who, in turn, would contact you to provide the necessary assistance. The desk is open from 0900-1700hrs, however we utilise a commercial message service that relays calls 24hrs a day 7 days a week.