“I have used Residata for four years. The system used properly aids the user to access relevant client information promptly. It further emphasises the discipline to ensure client data is recorded accurately with the sequel of accountability.”

Software Intro


Let us show you why ResiData is used in over 50 different care homes and housing associations nationwide, and why it is considered the benchmark in care management software.

  1. ResiData Rota Screenshot
  2. ResiData Main
  3. ResiData Wallchart

Screen shots of the staff rota, care module and wall plan

V10 Home Care Administration

ResiData is an integrated Database system working over MS SQL. Consisting of 4 main modules 90 databases 210 reports and unlimited records.

Main Modules Surrounded by full menu and user access security many modules interact to provide single point data entry with multiple module update. The program has an inbuilt warning system on user definable periods for many modules allowing automatic warnings of outstanding results, Care Plan reviews required.

Many features are user definable to allow YOUR system to match YOUR home and preferences.


The care system is inherently multi user and can be expanded to unlimited locations and full multi home capability with shared system files billing and staff or separate as required. ResiData will work for the single home, single implementation or multiple homes. ResiData has been tested with Windows terminal services,TSPLUS and Citrix thin client allowing larger organisations to implement a centralised system with external VPN access.
Care Module

Care Module includes:
  • Admission and Discharge Procedures
  • Pre Admission assessment and waiting list
  • Day and Respite Care management
  • Client details, Photo & Linked documents
  • Personal information and Inventory
  • Rooms Module & Booking Module
  • Contacts & Reports to Contacts
  • Care/Support Plan, Assessments & Risk Assessment
  • DNAR and DOL’s modules
  • Pain, Turning & Elimination, Fluids Charting
  • Daily Reports, Histories and Reviews
  • Guidelines and Schedules, Support Tasks
  • Personal Money & Diary, Full Case History
  • End of Shift/Handover Module
  • Task and Handover allocation & Sign off.
  • Alerts and email notifications

Staff Module includes:


  • Induction and Leave procedures
  • Staff member detail Linked documents
  • Pay/Career detail and history
  • Training Detail
  • Training Matrix and courses
  • Supervisions & Discipline
  • Roster Planner & Shift Patterns
  • Worked Hours & Link to Payroll
  • Editable Roster & Secondments
  • Teams module.

Admin/System Modules:


  • Admin Diary
  • Complaints and Compliments
  • Accidents Incidents and Occurrences
  • Occupancy
  • Stocks
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Home stocks and supplies
  • Training plans and schedules.

Additional Modules

Additional Module Features
  • General Risk Management
  • Phrase Book & Central Address Book
  • User Security and Access Module
  • System Configuration
  • Locations and Care Groups
  • Imports and Exports
  • System Messaging Module
  • Billing and Invoicing.

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