“I have used Residata for four years. The system used properly aids the user to access relevant client information promptly. It further emphasises the discipline to ensure client data is recorded accurately with the sequel of accountability.”


We believe that the success of a software project is dependent on working together in partnership with our clients, with a common goal throughout. This partnership approach extends beyond ‘go live’ and we work closely together with clients for many years.

A Proactive Approach

It is only by working with our clients that ResiSystems ensures functionality, business needs, legislation, and technical advancements are continually addressed.

ResiSystems views every implementation as a partnership between the client and ResiSystems.

There are, clients who want to work closely with ResiSystems to develop additional features and functionality and, where appropriate, work in direct partnership with ResiSystems, we welcome this.

Resisystems Help Desk

During the day to day running of the systems support is available via the ResiSystems Help Desk; this is normally used when problems or queries arise. These are logged and passed to a software support consultant who, in turn, contacts the relevant personnel on your staff to provide the necessary assistance. The desk is open from 0900-1700hrs, however we utilise a commercial message service that relays calls 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

We also encourage clients to use systems like GoToMyPc or other VPN to allow remote access to fix problems. ResiData also contains an auto error e-mailing system so any problems are directly reported without a phone call.

If problems cannot be resolved via remote access, ResiSystems would send someone to site to investigate further and fix accordingly.

We action all calls as soon as possible and offer a fix for:

  • CRUCIAL (system down) calls within 24 hours
  • IMPORTANT (system can function with a workaround) calls within 72 hours
  • COSMETIC (virtually no impact on the system) calls within 2 weeks

As we are a small company, calls are dealt with by senior staff by default, and maximizing our customers’ uptime is always considered a priority.

Software Releases

New software is released electronically over the internet, or on disk if requested. Full documentation and Help backup is provided to ensure users can install, test, and implement new releases on receipt. Where VPN access is available, patches, fixes and new modules are applied automatically

Full upgrades are issued once per annum; customers are recommended to take new upgrades.

ResiSystems is fully committed to developing Residata in response to legislative changes. The extent of the legislative changes will determine the ResiSystems approach, and determine the size and complexity of the changes that require to be made to the software. That is, whether an enhancement can be carried out to an existing module or whether a new module needs to be developed.

We work closely with existing customers to assess new government policy and determine the impact it will have on Residata. A pricing, development, and release policy is put forward and carried out.

To date ResiSystems has always provided new functionality to existing modules as a result of Statutory legislation at no additional cost.

However, we do reserve the right to charge for such changes; to cover us against any wholesale changes made by any Government.

If you have any further questions about our support procedures, or any other information featured on this website, please feel free to contact us.