“I have used Residata for four years. The system used properly aids the user to access relevant client information promptly. It further emphasises the discipline to ensure client data is recorded accurately with the sequel of accountability.”

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Resisystems was established in 1992 as a developer of client-server Windows applications. Our application development team have produced solutions across a spectrum of industry and commerce including Police rostering systems, engineering manufacturing product flow and stock control systems, Civil engineering plant management and costing systems as well as Care home and Supported housing systems. Modern development is SQL based with mobile system access. If you would like further information on our software or what to know more about the company then please use the details below.

Systems House, 18 Exeter Drive, Haughton Grange, Darlington, Co Durham DL1 2SE

Tel 01325 369906 – Fax 01325 749141 – Email info@resisystems.co.uk

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